I'll Always Love My Momma, She's My Favorite Girl!

Please share your story about your mother, stepmoms, foster moms, biological moms, adoptive moms, aunts, and more. 


Our Mother Mattie Barber was the best mother ever! She was caring, supportive, and a true woman of God. I love everything that she has taught me including holding my head high with my eyes facing God it time of trouble or sorrow.  I love and miss you mom!! 

Your Daughter Lisa B


Amongst a ton of things, I feel she taught me how to be a good "Human Being" and If you ever felt unloved, all you needed to do was talk with her and you were always reminded of how loved you were! I'm actually tearing up as I text this! Damn I miss her so much; I'm certain we all do!

Your Son Jackie B
Was the best mother in-law in the world.  She loved me as one of her own❤️

Your Daughter in Law - Kelly B
She always made me feel welcomed in her home since the 1st day I met her. Although I'm not family legally she made me feel like I was part of the Barbers. Her advice to me was never let anyone run you out of a place where you belong. I love her so much for those words and it will always be in my mind and heart. Thx Lisa for letting me be a part of this. Love y'all

Francis T
Love u mom no words can say enough on how i feel i love u are the best words for me the family have said the rest

Your Son James "Butch"
My mom was the sword in my life in a war of the world I never had to fight. She gave me the blue print for my life.

Your Son Steve



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