My Circles of Life by Lisa Barber

The circles in “My Circles of Life” represent spiritual freedom.   A freedom I didn’t know that I had.  They were a spiritual revelation unfolding before my very eyes. For me, they are distinct heartfelt emotions within my circles.  The circles in “My Circles of Life” symbolize the volatile yet unbreakable bond between God and me. The divided circle represents dualities present in the world - good and bad, day and night; sickness and health, honest and dishonest, function and dysfunction “My Circles of Life” represent my struggles with all of these dualities. The crucifixion in the corner represents me turning away from God as I see Jesus being crucified for my sins from behind the scene, from behind the cross. My headless body represents my flight back towards Gods without works.  I had nothing to offer him. Nothing.  The truth is; wherever I turned there was the face of God staring back at me, reflected in my face do you see it? Do you see my face in My Circles of Life?” Do you see God working in me to restore me? Can you see it in “My Circles of Life?”

I can now see the strength within myself, instead of me turning to others before turning to God. My heart was always in it from the very beginning but I just didn’t know it. He was always in me, restoring my soul.  From the time I was born God searched my heart to reveal in me all of these thoughts and emotions. Thank you for my strength Lord.  Thank you for revealing “My Circles of Life”